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Concerning Javascript though most of this information is language agnostic.

Linked lists are like most topics in computer programming and most topics in general life; a little intimidating when first learning about them but once we get the hang of how to work with them linked lists are just another way to organize and process data.

We can not address every use case or issue that we might come across concerning linked lists in this post but by providing a few ground rules to work from we can set ourselves up for finding the correct answers.

In this post we…

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If you have heard of React then chances are you have also heard of Redux. The two were made for each other like peas in a pod. Literally, Redux was made for React applications.

If you have done any work with React then chances are good that you have debugged your code and have run into some issues passing state through props at some point.

And even if you have worked on a few apps with React and Redux chances are that setting up Redux for your React app can turn into a boiler plate scavenger hunt of sorts.


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The command line, terminal, shell, console(more on the differences later) is possibly the most misunderstood tool between the technical and nontechnical world. That is almost entirely due to hollywood portrayals of ‘hackers’ slamming their keyboards while sweating and finally sitting back and saying, with a sigh, “I’m in the mainframe”, or something along those lines.

I couldn’t even find a picture of the command line from the unsplash database for the header image of this post. I had to settle with the program code you see, and to find it I searched, “hacking”.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not…

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If you’re learning to code or working with computer programming then it’s likely that you’ve come across ‘Big O’, ‘time complexity’, ‘O(n)’, or the ‘order of complexity’.

I often hear this concept described as the time it takes for a function to run. And while this is true in a sense, it doesn’t totally capture what is trying to be represented when we talk about big O.

That’s because actual runtime can vary from machine to machine but the number of steps taken to complete a process are the same no matter how fast the machine. …

Shoes sorted except for one pair that are facing the wrong direction.
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I recently had a first round technical interview in Javascript. It went well, we discussed and demonstrated everything you might imagine would be talked about in such an interview; event bubbling/delegation, hoisting, DOM manipulation.

However, it wasn’t all peachy and I’m sure you’ve already clued yourself in on what my hang-up in the interview was by the title of this blog post alone.

That’s right, the sort method. A fundamental method in javascript.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve used the .sort() method many times throughout my coding journey. I have to admit though, it had been awhile since I had…

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A few weeks ago I had written an application to be an information sharing hub for climbers, here it is. The database requirements were minimal and Sqlite worked perfectly well for it’s purpose.

The only issue I encountered was showing my app to non-technical folks. As it stood, one would have to view the code on my computer or download the code and run a few arbitrary commands to get a working version on their own system. Of course there are other options for hosting an sqlite site, here is a good article giving options if you’re interested.

However I…

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For reference, I have 3 weeks remaining to graduation from the D.C., in-person, Flatiron coding Bootcamp. I began August 24th, 2020 and my graduation date is set for December 4th, 2020.

I remember that as I was trying to decide on whether to attend a coding bootcamp and what bootcamp to attend I had many questions swirling around in my head and I was reading through all the resources I could to help me decide. I wanted this post to be an addition to those resources.

If anyone finds themselves in the position I described in the previous paragraph and…

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This article is for beginners to open source contribution.

Contributing to open source software is in many ways a right of passage to the developer community. Like your first romantic kiss, except important. How important? Important enough to show up in interviews(open source, not kisses), enough to power tensorflow(machine learning, the future), enough that Microsoft’s vscode is open source.

But if you’re here then you probably don’t need convincing. You’re here because you want a step by step guide on the how of contributing to open source.

Although not necessary, a firm understanding of github basics will help with making…

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Quick links to topics:

Initializing your project; local repo

Initializing your project; remote repo


Working on your local repo

Syncing the remote repo with the local repo

You’ve created a few projects, and when imposter syndrome isn’t in overdrive you feel your skills can contribute to a team. But how DO you work with a team?

Enter git, a version control system(VCS) that does exactly that; gives you and the rest of the team control over different versions of the code for a particular project. A version of code being, code that has some changes on it.

git is…

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Quick links to your issue:

You cloned before forking

Can’t pull down the code

Git init’d the wrong the wrong directory

Whether you’re new to git or a seasoned veteran there are a few pitfalls that will snare us all on occasion. Nothing too serious, more on the side of frustrating; and likely the cause of embarrassment as opposed to actual danger. After all, git is designed to avoid the most tragic of errors.

If you are brand new to git some of the terminology may seem unfamiliar. However, I think that if you’ve found your way here then you…

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